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Coconut Oil Pulling. Why should we do it?

So what is oil pulling and why should we incorporate this habit into our daily routine?

Oil pulling is actually one of the best ways to remove bacteria and promote healthy gums and teeth. Used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine, oil pulling is an amazing way to orally clean and detox by simply swishing the stuff in your mouth for approximately 10-20 minutes. It has the added effect of whitening teeth naturally and evidence even shows that it is beneficial in improving gums and removing harmful bacteria! I know of some people who can not stand the taste of coconut oil. If this is the case, you can also use organic olive or sesame oil.

Coconut Oil can Aid in:

  • Whitening Teeth

  • Curing Tooth Decay

  • Bad Breath

  • Bleeding Gums

  • Reducing Inflammation

  • Boost Immune System

  • Prevent Heart Disease

  • Throat Dryness

  • Heal Cracked Lips

  • Improve Acne

  • Strengthen Gums and Jaw

Let’s Get This Party in Your Mouth Started:

How to:

  1. It is best to oil pull on an empty stomach. A great way to start your day is to put some oil in your mouth and hop in the shower. By the time you’re out, you’re all done! Or try it while you’re reading the morning news or making breakfast.

  2. Coconut oil is normally in a solid state. Simply place it in your mouth, start swishing and it will quickly liquefy.                           

  3. Choose the right amount for you. 1-2 tablespoons is the recommended amount, but if that is too much for you, start with what is comfortable and build up to one tablespoon.

  4. Timing — Start small and work your way up to 20 minutes which is long enough to break through plaque and bacteria but not long enough that the body starts re-absorbing the toxins and bacteria.

  5. Don’t spit it in the sink! Into the trash can is best. Do not swallow the oil as it is hopefully full of bacteria, toxins and pus that are now not in the mouth!

  6. Rinse well with warm water or Himalayan salt water afterwards. Swish a few times to get any remaining oil out of your mouth.

  7. Kill any remaining bacteria with a good brushing and flossing after!

I recommend adding this to your daily routine 3-4 days a week. I would also recommend using organic, virgin cold-pressed coconut oil. I personally use Carrington Farms Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil which you can find at Costco at a great price.

Want to Kick it up a Notch? Add Essential Oils!

Some essential oils carry amazing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties so it only makes sense to add this to your new oral habit. Also, if the taste of coconut is not your favourite, adding essential oils can definitely help.

Some great everyday oils to add in: Peppermint, wild orange or lemon. Just add 3 drops with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

You can also use clove, cinnamon or tea tree oil if you are battling a cold or infection as an added remedy.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! So start this lifelong habit tomorrow!


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