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Beat the Cold or Flu this Winter…with Golden Milk!

Golden what you say? Yes milk…that is gold! This treasure of a drink of full of essential ingredients that you will need to keep your immune system strong.

Two key ingredients: Tumeric and Ginger.

Tumeric has been used as a spice in Indian recipes and as Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Tumeric is well known for its anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is called the ‘natural aspirin’ in Ayurvedic medicine.

It can aid in preventing infections, healing wounds, relieve swelling and pain due to headaches, aiding with blood clotting, not to mention all of the latest studies showing that it is a major cancer killer (curcumin, a derivative of tumeric).

Ginger is naturally anti-viral, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, stimulates perspiration to help cleanse the body and reduce body temperature, an immune booster, anti-histamine, decongestant, natural pain and fever reducer, the list goes on. It even contains chemicals called sesquiterpenes which specifically are used to target rhinoviruses (the common family of cold viruses).

So why aren’t we using these ingredients if we fall ill or feel a cold coming on?

Nature has everything that we need to build up our immune systems and send colds packing!

Golden Milk is a great way to get these nourishing ingredients into our bodies with the extra benefit of great taste as these ingredients on their own can be quite strong.

Now I have tried this recipe with powdered ginger and tumeric as well as fresh. I will say, fresh is best! But sometimes we want something fast and easy. It’s totally cool to use ground form when you’re just not in the mood to get out the grater.

So try this recipe next time, who doesn’t love warm milk before bed? This sweet and spicy concoction will be a keeper, I promise you! Even kids love it, give it a try!

Golden Milk


  • 2 tsp. finely grated fresh tumeric (or 1 tsp. ground tumeric)

  • 2 tsp. finely grated fresh ginger (or 1 tsp. ground ginger)

  • 2 cups milk (I use almond or hemp milk)

  • Dash black pepper

  • Honey to taste


  1. Pour 2 cups of milk into a small pot

  2. Add tumeric, ginger and dash of black pepper

  3. Bring to simmer

  4. Shut heat off and let sit for 10 minutes so that flavours blend

  5. Strain milk into a mug and sweeten with local raw honey.

Tip*Be careful when grating tumeric as it will turn your hands and anything you touch orange!

Tip**I keep my tumeric and ginger in my freezer which keeps it fresh and is super easy to grate in its frozen state.

Tip***If you have no idea where to find fresh tumeric, start with your local produce grocery store. I found some at Whole Foods and Farm Boy (Ontario chain).

Sources: http://homeremediesforlife.com/ginger-for-cold/;http://www.turmericforhealth.com/turmeric-recipes/benefits-of-turmeric-milk



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